NoSQL Leadership Workshop

for Technical Leads and Consultants, Architects, Sr. Managers and Decision Makers

Are you building a new application and want to utilize an operational data store that is schema agnostic and highly secure for fast and agile development? Do you need to ensure your entire application stack can scale elastically to accommodate a fast-growing data sets from multiple disparate sources? Do you require high availability and disaster recovery redundancy across nodes, data centers, geographies?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, then you need to get deeper understanding of NoSQL databases landscape. We can help. 

Topics covered

  1. What are NoSQL Databases?
  2. NoSQL compared to traditional relational databases
  3. Architectural considerations while choosing NoSQL databases
  4. Is Hadoop really a database?
  5. What role NoSQL database plays in IoT, AI, Data Science projects?
  6. ROI discussions – resourcing, hardware, licenses, open vs closed source etc.
  7. Domain specific case studies

Approach – White boarding and discussions (No coding required at this stage)


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