MarkLogic technology based consulting and decision products are core to us

Our company has experienced team of MarkLogic consultants and our founder himself has been associated with this technology since 2007. We can help augment your development team with our consultants on as per project need basis who can especially help you get up to speed on more complex areas like following once the basic aspects have been understood.

  • Data Hub and Integration
  • Advanced Search and indexes
  • Architecture and Sizing aspects
  • Performance tuning and code reviews
  • Semantics – SPARQL, triplestore
  • Analytics – R, Spark, Tableau
  • Transactions
  • Content processing framework

We have experience working with all the latest versions of the server – 9.x, 8.x, 7.x. Our consultants have worked with some of the major publishers in the world. We also have experience implementing ML solutions in BFS, Insurance and healthcare domains.

As per one of the wikibon reports MarkLogic is a leader in vendors having primary focus on hadoop and NoSQL – See here

Case Studies

Helped in re-launching drug information product with multiple content types, 100’s of facets including hierarchical and complex search queries with high performance in ML clustered environment.
Implemented complex faceted search on chemical names within materials information product using latest ML 7.x features.


“Along with setting up and implementing MarkLogic features in the projects, Ashutosh has played an instrumental role in setting up of ML knowledge within the teams.”

– Project Manager, STM Publisher

“Thanks a lot, Ashutosh!! It was great having you on the team. Your ML expertise has been invaluable, as you know best.”

– EVP IT & Product, STM Publisher